Consumer Watch: Organizing your life


by Andy Treinen

Posted on January 2, 2013 at 6:12 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jan 2 at 6:21 PM

(WHAS11) -- Losing weight, saving money and getting taxes done before the last minute are some of the more popular New Year's resolutions for 2013. There is one resolution that can help you with any -- and all of them.

Get it together! It's something we've been hearing from teachers, coaches, parents and bosses all of our lives. What it means is to simply organize our lives. That starts where we live.

Angie Hicks from Angie’s List says there are five areas we should organize in 2013 including our bedroom, our closet, our kitchen and pantry, our garage and our paperwork.

"A lot of what I hear over time has been they are very stressed, worried that with all the other things that keep them busy in life that they are getting chronically disorganized and when they are at home they don't feel comfortable anymore they don't like being in their space. Paper is one of the biggest issues i see," professional organizer Carrie Bell said.

Bell says paperwork starts with junk mail don't let it pile up. Then sort your bills by the order they are due and always keep them in the same spot. A different designated location should hold all of your important papers like tax returns, receipts and insurance documents.

“The key here is finding out whether you can fix it yourself or whether you need to hire someone and what are the steps to get it resolved," Angie Hicks said.

With organization comes peace of mind and that is crucial in our every day living spaces. Let's face it, looking at the same cluttered mess day after day in the bedroom closet and kitchen takes a lot.

"If you can save some steps, I mean those steps add up to minutes which add up to hours which add up to more time you can spend with your family," Tomisa Staggs who hired a professional organizer said.

A professional organizer could cost as little as $100. And that is money well spent when you are hanging with your loved ones instead of hanging and re-hanging that sweater that has not been in style since 1983.

If you cannot decide what clothes to keep and what to give to Good Will, hang all of your hangers in one direction at the beginning of the year. Turn it only after you wear that clothing. At the end of 2013 get rid of everything that hasn't been worn.

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