Club shooting victim brings awareness to gun violence


by Renee Murphy

Posted on May 10, 2013 at 4:40 PM

Updated Friday, May 10 at 4:41 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Sheronda Morris, an innocent bystander to gun violence, is on the road to recovery but wants to bring awareness to violence in May’s month of compassion.

Sheronda Morris and her friend were shot The View nightclub on Story Avenue in January. Morris was trying to end a fight and before she knew it, she was shot.

“You don't have to use guns to solve our problems. It doesn't have to be an argument that ends in gunfire,” Morris said.

It was a single bullet that hit Morris. It went through her hand to her shoulder and then back.

“When I was shot I was immediately paralyzed so when I started to hit the ground. It was slow motion with a ringing sound in my ears,” Morris said. “As everybody started running around and I couldn't move. I realized I was shot.”

Doctors at Kleinert and Kutz used bone from her hip to reconstruct her hand but her spinal cord injury was more severe. Doctors said she wouldn’t walk again.

She spends many days at Frazier Rehab in their spinal injury department strapped to a harness. It helps her take steps on the treadmill and hopefully easier steps on her own one day. She walks not but it’s a struggle.

“I want to walk again. I want to be normal again and it still hasn't set in,” Morris said. “My mindset is to walk and get back to work and start doing things like I used to do.”

Morris hopes that she can bring sense and peace to the incident and will work with others to bring awareness to gun violence during the month of May.

A walk has been organized for May 18th and the Walk on Broadway is calling for an end to gun violence.

There have been no arrests made in Morris’ shooting.