Attorney defends family in case of teen tased and shot to death by Shelbyville police


by Maggie Ruper

Posted on February 9, 2012 at 1:06 AM

Updated Thursday, Feb 9 at 1:22 AM

(WHAS11) - Attorney, Frank Mascagni, representing the family of a teen shot and killed by Shelbyville police officers, is speaking out on the case.

He said officers were wrong when they shot 18-year-old Trey Williams back in November. They believed he was the person who broke out car windows with a pipe and then allegedly broke into a home on Clifton Court. The home turned out to be the residence of Williams’ grandmother. 

“I’ve got a grandson in his grandmother’s home. He didn't commit a burglary. A burglary is entering unlawfully with intent to commit a crime," said Mascagni.

Officers, Suzanne Marcum and Frank Willoughby, found Williams locked in a bathroom in the home. Mascagni described Williams has having a mental episode. Police used a stun gun on Williams repeatedly to try to gain control of the suspect, but they said he came after them and attacked.

“’Put your hands behind your back.’ He tries to, but the officer doesn’t stop the pulsing. The second he complies,  they start shooting the taser again," said Mascagni.

Former LMPD Major Jim Sohan weighed in after he saw the stun gun video from the night of the incident.

“It’s very easy to Monday morning quarterback, but when you’re that officer, at that scene, at that instant you’ve got to make decisions that affect you, your partner and the individual that's locked in that room," said Sohan.

Mascagni had a counter argument.

“Once the place is secure and once this man represents no danger to you the taxpayer or to me taxpayer, let’s not bring the fight to a mentally deranged child."

Mascagni said he planned to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the officers.

“It matters to a mother and father who want some rest at night on how their child died and why and if I’m living, I’m going to get it," said Mascagni.