Money-saving tips in honor of 'America Saves Week'


by Nicole Harrell

Posted on March 1, 2013 at 5:55 PM

Updated Friday, Mar 1 at 6:01 PM

(WHAS11) -- In honor of "America Saves Week" the Better Business Bureau has just released 10 different ways to save $100.

Number one is to track your spending and make a budget when you see where your money is going its easy to cut costs here and there. Packing your lunch is number two on the list.

Number three is to check your automatic with drawls and your monthly services. Many Americans are spending on services they are no longer using

Negotiate with cable, internet and cell providers. They are probably promoting a better rate than you are paying.

Number five vow to reuse, repair and re-purpose instead of buying new.  Often you already have a version of what you're looking for. Number six is to get to know your credit card. Most offer extra benefits you are probably not taking advantage of. But if you are carrying a monthly balance stop using the card all together.

Number seven is a big life adjustment with a big payoff. Consider renting a room in your home or sharing an apartment.

Clean out your pantry for number right. You would be surprised what you save at the grocery by eating food you already have

Number nine a cheap fun club with friends. Board games, potlucks and movies at home can be just as fun and far easier on the bottom line.

Finally the B.B.B. says to sell your stuff, declutter your house and discover things you have forgotten and sell things you no longer need.

All of these 10 ideas are not for everyone and some of them may not apply to you at all. But if you really want to save some cash there is a little something in there for everyone.