911 call of Seneca Golf Course plane crash released



Posted on June 21, 2013 at 12:33 PM

Updated Friday, Jun 21 at 12:34 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- 911 calls have been released after a small plane crashed at Seneca Golf Course.
Four teenagers were hurt the pilot, Cody Goodan, remains in the hospital.

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A 911 caller describes the horrific plane wreck moments after it happened.
Caller: "A plane just crashed outside of Bowman Field."
Chaos broke out as a Cessna 172 made a crash landing.
Caller: "It's a small plane and it's mangled. I don't see the pilot at all."

The caller stays on the phone for seven minutes, guided by the dispatcher, as he looks through the wreckage.
Caller: "Hello?"
Dispatcher: "Are you there with him?"
Caller: "I'm standing right by the plane but it's leaking fuel. It just landed 10 feet away from me."
Adam Breitmeyer, Cody Goodan, Josh Daddona, and Josh Trumbo were on-board. They are recent graduates of Butler High School.

Dispatcher: "Can you tell me of any injuries?"
Caller: "Oh there's a lot of blood."

The plane was registered to the Cardinal Wings flight school at Bowman Field.
You must be 16 years old to fly aircraft solo and 17 to obtain a private pilot's license.

Current NTSB reports say the plane performed touch-and-go landings on the runway. The right wing hit the ground first, pivoted and went nose down on the golf course.  Propeller blades were scratched and both wings sustained significant damage according to an FAA inspector.

Meanwhile, dispatch sent an ambulance and emergency workers as the caller stays on the line to help.
Dispatcher: "Do you have a flash light or anything with you?"
Caller: "No, but I'm going to wave my phone at them."

The NTSB and FAA will continue to examine the wreckage to find the exact cause of the accident. The pilot was too seriously hurt to provide a statement to authorities.