Monty Webb is a Pacific Northwest native, growing up in the Seattle area.

Monty studied weather at the Air Force School of Meteorology, where he graduated with honors.

While in the Air Force, he forecasted weather for just about every place in the Northern hemisphere, including a three year stint forecasting tornadoes, severe thunderstorms and a record breaking ice storm in Oklahoma City.

Monty was the severe weather team leader while he was stationed at Tinker AFB, OK in the heart of tornado country.

He was also on the Department of Defense /National Weather Service team that tested NEXRAD (Doppler radar) in its operational phase. A knee injury stopped his Air Force career, but didn't stop him from forecasting weather, something he immensely enjoys.

After his Air Force career, his first TV job was in the Tri-Cities, WA.

From there he went to Spokane, Boise and then to Seattle and KIRO-TV from 1994-98.

Then Chicago called, and he thought forecasting snowstorms, severe thunderstorms and tornados might be a fun challenge, so he packed up and moved his family back East.

Within three months of arriving Monty was forecasting one of the worst snowstorms ever to hit Chicago, dumping more than 30 inches of snow in 24 hours.

After four years of forecasting for the morning show at WBBM, Seattle called and asked if he would like to come back and forecast the challenging Pacific Northwest weather.

Monty has earned many prestigious awards during both his Air Force and Broadcast careers. He's received Commendation, Achievement, and Humanitarian Service Medals for his forecasting skills around the United States and the World.

He's also proud of his four Emmys - three from Seattle and one from Chicago. Monty is also a full member of the American Meteorological Society and holds their Seal of Approval.

Monty and his wife have three children.

His two daughters are married and between them have three little boys - yes, that's right, making Monty a grandfather. Monty's son is a freshman in high school.

He and his family love the outdoors.

They enjoy hiking, biking, skiing, and fly fishing. They are excited to call Louisville home and explore another part of this beautiful country

You can email Monty at

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