News of UofL offering coaching job to Petrino stirs social media


by Rachel Platt

Posted on January 8, 2014 at 7:39 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- On social media, folks were having a field day--with a little shake and bake--to team Ricky and Bobby at UofL.

Others say in “Tom we Trust,” as in Louisville's Athletic Director Tom Jurich who always seems to come to the rescue; he will have his critics for this hire.

One man saying no comment when WHAS11 asked about Petrino, another saying he’s a good coach.

But it appears Bobby's back and ready to get a second chance from Jurich.

Petrino did not leave on the best of terms with Louisville --later suffering a full meltdown getting fired from Arkansas after an extramarital affair and a motorcycle accident.  

And it was during those dark times that he reached out to Jurich for advice, Jurich did not reveal in a previous interview what that advice was, but he did say  it was between them.

We do know the two have remained friends.

So is this about second chances, or needing a good coach as UofL heads into the ACC or a bit of both.

We know Petrino can coach; the Cards were 41 and 9 under him.

Coaching and teaching is in his blood.

There is no under the radar right now for Petrino when all eyes are on a second chance, and whether Jurich got it right or wrong.