Red, blue rivalry heats up at work


by Michelle Arnold

Posted on September 12, 2013 at 4:46 PM

Updated Thursday, Sep 12 at 5:00 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Red or blue? For Kentuckians, that's water cooler trash talk.

“It's muscle memory that you talk trash leading up to this game,” ESPN 680’s Drew Deener said. 

Drew Deener is used to people calling in with their thoughts, but the place where you spend the most time—work, is where you naturally hear the most lip.

Financial advisor Aaron Young is Kylee Marcy's boss at Northwestern Mutual. He's a die-hard U of L fan--she's all blue.

“If I knew she was a UK fan during the interview process it may have been different, but she's here now what are you gonna do,” Aaron Young said.

Young never misses a chance to try to exercise his superiority when it comes to the rivalry at work.

He walked into the office with a bag of those buttons and threw one at me and said i just wanted to make sure you had one of these,” Kylee Marcy said.

And they keep their allegiances close. Both Young and Marcy keep a piece of the Final Four floor on their desk-- his this year's National Championship, Kylee's last year’s. When it comes to this Saturday's football game, they're sticking with their teams.

“Louisville's just gonna beat ‘em down,” Young said. 

“We always over perform in the Governor's Cup so I think I'm going to be pleasantly surprised. Everyone else like Aaron is going to be crying,” Marcy said.

Drew Deener says the Cats have a lot less to lose so Louisville shouldn't sleep on them.

“They [U of L] were this big of an underdog against Florida. Kentucky is on the other side of things now; they are a two touchdown dog to Louisville. Louisville should know that two touchdown underdogs don't mean a lot because they just overcame it in the Sugar Bowl,” Deener said.

“If they win maybe she gets another day of vacation or something,” Young said.