Louisville man dresses the stars for Derby


by Claudia Coffey


Posted on April 20, 2012 at 6:00 PM

Updated Friday, Apr 20 at 6:01 PM

(WHAS11) – When celebrities come to town for the Derby, one Louisville man is responsible for getting them red-carpet-ready.

At Sunny Daize clothing shop, Andre Wilson is already eyeing styles for his celebrity clients before they roll into town for the Derby.

"Sometimes they can over-glam it and do too much,” said Wilson.  “Some contrast, a little drama in the hat and that's it.”

“So you're saying Kim Kardashian is gonna wear this?”

“I'm saying she might.  You never know," said Wilson.

Wilson is based in Louisville. Ky. He’s a Manual High School Graduate and the CEO of Style Icon.

For him, fashion was always a passion.

Dressing celebrities for Derby is a dream come true.

Wilson said his star-studded list of celebs will begin calling and booking appointments the week before Derby. He describes it as a whirlwind.

"So when they get here, they see what is going on or on the plane ride here they realize, oh no, I better get this right," said Wilson.

He’s not spilling names just yet, but last year he dressed ESPN's Erin Andrews, keynote speaker for Friday’s They're Off luncheon.

Wilson recalls when actress Kate Goselin called him the Thursday night before Derby asking for his guidance.

"So me I'm calling my assistant, running like crazy trying to get boutiques to stay open, sending people to the mall. Cause we didn't know if we needed all dresses or all hats,” said Wilson.  “I'm running to the hat designers I know. In an hour and a half I had a small boutique to get her ready for Oaks and Derby."

The stars will be shining this Derby, from the track to the Unbridled Eve Gala, and now you know the man behind their styles

"If anyone looks amazingly great, I did it. If they don't , I didn't do it," said Wilson.