Coach Strong, Hurtt speak after NCAA infractions


by Kent Spencer, C.J. Daniels, WHAS11

Posted on October 22, 2013 at 11:41 PM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 23 at 9:08 AM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Louisville’s Defensive Line Coach Clint Hurtt will remain on the football staff under significant penalties imposed by the school for NCAA violations he committed when he was an assistant coach in Miami.

He was very apologetic to the people at Miami and to the people at Louisville. More importantly, he admitted to making mistakes but also very grateful.

He said he accepted the NCAA’s ruling but didn’t agree with all of it. In particular, the fact they said he lied to investigators.

The NCAA took the claims of several recruits over Hurtt’s but he always maintains that he told the truth.

Hurtt said that he’s not going to appeal the ruling and just wants it behind him. He also appreciated the support he was given by Tom Jurich.

“I had no idea how Tom was going to respond. He had been great through the entire process but I’m the type of person that always expects worse case scenario so I was prepared that if I needed to step down and resign I would be fine with that. Because I understand this business and like I said I understand the mistakes I made so it’s all about accountability,” he said.

Hurtt further explained that he wasn’t a bad person that he just made bad decisions and bad choices and those that know him knows that he’s an overall good person.

Through it all, Coach Charlie Strong stands by his decision of hiring Hurtt. Strong says the four years he’s been with the Cardinals he’s been nothing but a great coach whom his players respect.

“You just know people. I look at him as a young coach with a great career and you don’t ever want to put anyone on the streets when you feel really good about them and that’s what we felt the whole time with him,” he said.
Coach Strong maintains that Hurtt has always been up front and honest with the University and he respects the NCAA’s findings. 

“Within this program, there’s never been a rule broken we always follow the NCAA and we do everything because we know that without the NCAA running, college football would be in a bad position,” Strong said.

Hurtt was once the recruiting coordinator for the Cardinals and now that duty has been assigned to linebackers coach Brian Jean-Mary. Hurtt will no longer serving as the associate head coach but will serve as the assistant coach.

He faces a two-year show cause which means that if he leaves the University of Louisville the school that hires him would have to justify his hiring. He had a leave of absence earlier this year for 5 months which was later called a suspension. Hurtt can’t recruit until June 9, 2014 nor will be eligible for a raise or bonus until May 20, 2015.

The University of Louisville has now enacted a zero tolerance policy.