UofL President Ramsey discusses why he signed off on Petrino rehiring


by Rachel Platt


Posted on January 10, 2014 at 5:41 PM

Updated Friday, Jan 10 at 8:05 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Bobby Petrino got plenty of cheers with fans welcoming him back.

At last night's basketball game, there was no official introduction but Petrino was there in a box, sporting white for the whiteout.

But on national TV the welcome was not so warm from sportscaster Dick Vitale who questioned UofL’s integrity, saying they traded integrity for win.

President Jim Ramsey says Dick Vitale’s job is to create controversy, but Vitale isn’t the only critic.

To that thought Ramsey says UofL has a great track record on graduating student athletes and playing by the rules.

The university is fine he says, and would say to Vitale, this is about an individual, forgiveness and second chances.

Before Ramsey signed off on Jurich's hire-- he talked with Petrino about trust and commitment and felt good about the talk--and measures Petrino has put on himself.

Ramsey says the $10 million buyout doesn't mean he's a risky hire, but a vested one--because Strong left quite easily with a $4 million buyout.

So will it be a kinder, gentler Bobby Petrino? Ramsey says certainly a more mature one.

But make no mistake, even if Ramsey does believe in second chances--sports is a business with a successful athletics program helping with fundraising, even helping with teacher salaries.

President Ramsey saying is it fair for a teacher to only make so much, when a coach makes millions, not, but that’s the reality of the marketplace.