Police report sheds light on U of L player's arrests



Posted on October 13, 2009 at 5:52 PM

Updated Thursday, Oct 22 at 5:23 PM

(WHAS11) - A police report is now shedding some light on just what led to the arrests of two University of Louisville basketball players.

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Jerry Smith and Terrence Jennings are charged with three misdemeanors after allegedly fighting with police during a homecoming after party at Kye's in Jeffersonville.

According to this report, Terrence Jennings was so out of control police had to use a tazer on him twice. And police say Jerry Smith kept them from keeping the peace.

The report says police saw 20-year-old Jennings shoving and pushing people during this party at Kye's.

When the officer tried to calm him down and asked him to leave, he refused and shoved the officer. When the officers tried to force him to leave, he started fighting with them.

He wouldn't put his hands behind his back or calm down, so the officers tazed him twice in the lower back.

Now, Jerry Smith asks what he can do to help Jennings. Police say "nothing" and ask him to back off. He doesn't and instead he shoves an officer.

Bad moves by both star basketball players that's gotten both of them charged with three misdemeanors: resisting law enforcement, battery to an officer and disorderly conduct.

Since Sunday Coach Pitino has said this matter will be handled internally. The Clark County Prosecutor Steve Stewart says the maximum penalty for the misdemeanor charges is one year in jail and a $5000 fine.

Official Statement from Larry Wilder, Attorney:

On Saturday the Jeffersonville Police arrested two (2) University of Louisville student athletes at a social function at Kye's banquet hall in Jeffersonville, Indiana.?

The two athletes, Terrence Jennings and Jerry Smith, were taken to the Clark County jail where they were booked in and charged with Resisting Law Enforcement as a misdemeanor.?

As of this time charges have not been filed however, the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney has indicated that his office will move forward with charges within the next several days.?

In light of these circumstances, Terrence Jennings would like to offer the following public statement:

"I want to first apologize to the police and to the organizers of the event.? I was minding my own business and unfortunately, was provoked by another person that I was unfamiliar with.? That's where this all started.? At first, I did not know the individuals who approached me were off duty police officers working security.?? My teammate Jerry Smith was trying to help me from being physically harmed and I know he did not mean any disrespect either.? I hope that I have shown in the past that these actions are uncharacteristic for me and I look forward to showing everyone that I am a person with good integrity."

Jennings' attorney, Scott Roby, stated that, "It is our hope that this matter can be dealt with in a reasonable manner and we can put this incident behind us.? Terrence is a fine young man and he is looking forward to continuing to contribute to the University and the city of Louisville during his college tenure."

Larry Wilder, attorney for Smith, re-iterated Roby's position.? "This is an unfortunate incident.? Jerry's sense of loyalty and comradery to his teammate lead him to react and as a result we are faced with the circumstances placed before us."?

Wilder concluded, "These are two very soft-spoken, intelligent, kind young men and it is my personal hope that the media and public allow them to move forward with their lives and careers."

Wilder went on to point out that, "Neither Jerry or Terrence have ever been in trouble with law enforcement.? The events that took place last Saturday are clearly not an indication of what they are as people, students or athletes."