Several day cares remain open despite license revocation


by Gene Kang

Posted on March 28, 2013 at 12:22 PM

Updated Thursday, Mar 28 at 12:41 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A child care crisis for some Louisville families has parents scrambling to find a new day care after the state uncovered major problems at more than a dozen Louisville day care centers.

A total of 18 child care facilities had their licenses revoked by the state Wednesday due to a year-long investigation by the FBI.

State officials said the day cares were billing the state for children who never attended.

Even though the day cares had their licenses revoked, several of the facilities were open Thursday. Leaving many parents asking why are those day cares open when the  state voided their licenses.
A Alphabet Academy in West Louisville is one of the child care centers in question. WHAS tried to talk to the owner.

"You cannot be on our property, its private property. Thank you," an employee said.

A Alphabet Academy day care was apparently open Thursday and we tried to talk to workers more than once but were escorted away from the back parking lot.

Gene Kang: "The State says..."

Worker: “No comment you've got to move.”

Gene: "Are you guys open?

Worker: "You've got to move. Yes we're open."

Gene: "You're still going to be open with a revoked license?"

Worker: "Come on I'll walk you over here, let's go."

Gene: "Any response to what the State is saying?"

Worker: "No comment. Thank you.”
Letters were sent by the Cabinet of Health and Family Services notifying the 18 day cares that their licenses were being taken away, a surprise to parent Ashley Jennings who was dropping off her son Thursday.

Gene: "What are your concerns? What are you going to ask them?"

Jennings: "Is it something that is going to be taken care of or do I need to pull my kids of there because if they're not abiding by the law we can't be going to this day care."
The state said they're improving fraud detection through information technology after it was discovered many day cares were billing the state for children who never attended and some facilities violated safety procedures.

Payton's Funland Childcare on East Chestnut Street, another of the 18 day cares, was open but wouldn't answer. Faith Academy on South 3rd Street was closed. WHAS11 was told the day cares can appeal the decision and some can remain open during the process.

Earlier this year the state cut funding to thousands of low-income families for child care because they lost a lot of money to fraud which led to licenses being revoked.