Lou. teen faces adult charges in severe hit and run case


by Gene Kang


Posted on March 26, 2013 at 1:42 PM

Updated Tuesday, Mar 26 at 5:12 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A Louisville teenager is being charged as an adult in a hit and run that seriously hurt a young boy.

Michael Marler, 10, suffered severe brain injuries in the crash two years ago. He uses a walker to get around.

Marler came face to face with the man accused of causing the crash.

Christian Tinker, 18, faces charges as an adult, waived from juvenile court. Accused of causing a hit and run crash that changed Marler's life forever.

An uneasy feeling was in the air as Tinker's family sat on one side of the courtroom, the victim's family on the other.

"It just kind of left me numb," Michael’s grandmother, Sherry Marler said.

Michael Marler suffers from permanent brain damage and disabilities because of the wreck. Marler told WHAS11 he had nothing to say.

Tinker's attorney wants his client on house arrest instead of being locked up.

"Michael is never going to be the same again. They can't give back what they took. Can't go back and erase that day," Sherry Marler said.

Police say Tinker ran into a car on Six Mile Lane in June 2011. Tinker was only 16 at the time.

Tinker got the stolen Enterprise rental car from 32-year-old Thomas Summers who did not show up to court.

Summers faces charges of theft by unlawful taking and assault. Tinker is charged with wanton endangerment, assault and leaving the scene.

Marler's family says they had no eye contact or remorse from Tinker and his family.

"Right now, we have pled not guilty. We hope we have a chance to look at everything and the best defenses. My heart goes out to the family," Christian Tinker’s attorney, Derwin Webb said.

Tinker is currently in the juvenile detention center. Webb wants a separate trial from Summers.

This case will be back in court in May.