Father shares memories of deceased family members


by Adam Walser


Posted on March 18, 2013 at 5:04 PM

Updated Monday, Jan 13 at 12:38 PM

NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WHAS11) -- He lost his wife and two young children. Now, Michael Clutter is telling WHAS11 about the shock of learning his family was found dead in a New Albany creek.

Michael Clutter talked first over the weekend to WHAS11. Now, he's sharing his memories of his family.

Michael Clutter says the last few days have been like a nightmare to him.

He says the support of family friends and fellow church members have been comforting, but he still wants answers about what led to his family members' deaths.

“She would kick her arms and her feet around. And then she'd look over at her brother and he'd kick his arms and feet around,” Michael Clutter said, describing the games his children would play together.

Clutter says the memories of his wife and two beautiful children are nothing but happy.

“We did so many things together,” Clutter said. “It's just hard to believe they're not there anymore."

Clutter says six-month-old Katelyn was an active little bundle of joy. His son Brandon was an outgoing cut-up. Clutter says he wife Jaime took care of their every need.

“This was a very loving mother and just two incredible really beautiful kids that I love very much. And we were just such a wonderful family,” he said. 

Jaime, Brandon and Katelyn Clutter's bodies were found in a creek in a New Albany park when Michael was at work.

The two children drowned.

All three of their bodies were naked, and a Bible was found hanging from a harness in a tree nearby.

Police have not ruled out a murder suicide, but say there are still many unanswered questions in the case.

Michael says he finds it all incomprehensible.

“I never seen any signs whatsoever, because if I would have seen signs, I would have been able to do something to prevent this,” he said.

The police investigation continues, meanwhile, Michael hopes to soon have more answers.

He says he takes comfort in what he says he knows in his heart.

“My wife loved her kids very much. And she loved me,” he said.

Funeral services have still not been scheduled, because the bodies have not yet been turned over to the family.

Police hope to have toxicology reports which could shed light on Jaime's cause of death, in a couple of weeks.