Aunt says daughter shot by mother still hospitalized, fund set up to benefit children


Posted on April 10, 2012 at 4:15 PM

Updated Wednesday, Apr 11 at 6:53 PM

Warning viewers may find content disturbing.

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WHAS11) -- A fund has been set up to benefit the children whose mother shot the little girl, then killed herself in Jeffersonville, Ind. The fund is called the “Nathan and Elizabeth Combs Fund." Donations can be made at any Fifth Third Bank branch.

The Aunt of the little girl Elizabeth says that she is still hospitalized, but is expected to be ok.

The 911 calls in this case were released Tuesday.

The caller Melissa Combs' 10-year-old son who managed to keep his composure despite the scary events inside his home that morning, but we warn you, you might find the call disturbing.
"My mom's passed out on the couch. She had a gun. I have no clue what the crap she did, but I'm really scared," the boy said.

Miraculously, the little girl remained conscious and could be heard screaming in the background as her brother summoned help.

His quick action, to get paramedics quickly to the scene and rush the girl to Kosair Children's Hospital, likely saved her life.

Yet even as he summoned help, he worried about his family's ability to pay for her care.

Dispatcher: How old are you?

Boy: Ten

Dispatcher: You're 10?

Boy: Yeah. And my sister has a hole in her head.

Dispatcher: Your sister has a hole in her head?

Boy: Yeah, and we don't got money to get her stitches.

Dispatcher: I'm sorry?

Boy: We don't have money to get her stitches.

"I don't think she kept anything from the kids. Nothing was a secret. They were a close family, her and the kids. That was her world, her kids," said a former neighbor.

She said Combs always loved her kids, but she watched Combs' life spiral out of control.

We've learned it started with lost jobs and a bankruptcy around the time her eight-year-old daughter was born, leading Combs to have to go on public assistance.

"She said, 'I never dreamed I would have to do this.'  It was sad. It was hard on her," said the neighbor.

Clark County court records indicate that foreclosure proceedings began on the Combs' family home in Jeffersonville back in 2010. It was finally sold at a foreclosure auction in February of this year.

"When they foreclosed on the home, she didn't have nowhere to go. So they went to the shelter. They were there for seven or eight weeks till she got in the apartment," her former neighbor said.

Miraculously, the 8-year-old girl has already been released from the hospital and is staying with family members.

Police say she is expected to make a complete recovery.