'Royal Childhood' exhibit documents growing up in Buckhingham Palace


by WHAS editors


Posted on July 26, 2014 at 11:28 AM

Updated Saturday, Jul 26 at 11:28 AM

Louisville, Ky. (WHAS11) - Queen Elizabeth as a young princess playing with her stroller, on a see-saw with her sister, Princess Margaret. Home movies of the royal family are being released for the first time as part of a new exhibit at Buckingham Palace.

Anna Reynolds, the exhibition curator for "Royal Childhood," said, "It's very easy to forget, because Buckingham Palace is such a well-known building, that it was also bought as a family home."

In another clip, Prince Philip is seen riding a tricycle alongside Princess Anne with Prince Charles following closely behind on a toy tractor.

These images provide a rare glimpse inside the childhood home for generations of royals.
Buckingham Palace was first purchased by George III in 1762 as a place to raise his children.

Reynolds said, "Several other monarchs also raised large families here, and it’s still used
as a family home today. We're trying to give an insight into that element of the building."

From the handwriting practice book of the future George IV to a miniature Aston Martin presented to Prince Andrew, the "Royal Childhood" exhibit, which runs from July 26 to Septenber 28, features more than 150 childhood objects gathered over the past 250 years.

"I really like this because it brings home the idea that all monarchs were children once,” Reynolds said.

There is an American contribution to the collection, as well: a rocking horse given by President Obama and the first lady to commemorate the birth of Prince George.