Man 'transforms' self for driver's license photo, shares on Twitter

Going to the DMV is never a fun experience. Unless you make it one.

Comedian Jono Zalay has a tradition of posing as "characters" for his driver's license photo. After recently moving, he needed a new ID, so he decided to go for a whole new look. He documented his "transformation" on Twitter


First, he gives a little backstory. According to Zalay, unusual driver's license photos are a family tradition that his father began in the 70's.


Then comes the transformation process, where he shares a variety of looks.


The end result is certainly...something.


Zalay details his journey to the DMV and the process of getting his new license. In the thread, he also shares that he has to take a written driving test and "barely passed".


For those not willing to read the whole thread, he provided a shortened version:


At the end of the thread, Zalay posted this sentiment:

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