Luxury on the Lake: $9.5 milllion Mooresville home on the market



Posted on May 13, 2013 at 10:03 AM

Updated Thursday, Nov 14 at 2:18 PM

MOORESVILLE, N.C. -- It’s a home that took two years to design and another two years to build.  Some might call the Mooresville Mansion ‘Luxury on the lake.’

It is one of the most expensive homes in The Point in Mooresville.

“Welcome to The Blue Door Inn,” said homeowner Paula Boykin.

Boykin and her husband, Bob, have decades of experience in hotel/commercial real estate and interior design.  Their estate sits on about two acres of land, all 13,500 square feet of it.

"You have a full view of the main channel and the marina on the other side.  It's just a nice relaxing spot,” said Paula Boykin.

Outside is a relaxing infinity pool and hot tub.  On the inside -- five powder rooms, five full baths, four bedroom suites, a media room, a wine cellar and of course, a place to park the dozen or so cars and motorcycles.

If you want to own any part of this home, it’ll cost you $9.5 million.

"I wanted it to be a lake home and to be a little formal but more family-oriented,” said Boykin.

With a background in real estate and interior design, the Boykins made sure to pay lots of attention to the details.

“The stone on the (dining room) floor is all from Turkey,” she said.  “That stone piece that’s in the alcove there again is from an old building in Chicago.  It’s an antique piece and the fireplace is a replica of one from the early 1900s.”

Throughout the home, you’ll notice little touches like that–pieces from the many places, close to home and abroad, that Boykin and her husband have visited over the years.

On the main floor “every room with the exception of my husband’s office has a view of the water,” she said.

The official tour of the home started with the master bedroom and bathroom.

"This is probably the largest hot tub they make. It's very big and it takes a long time to fill up, let me tell you,” said Boykin.

The basket weave marble floors are heated.  The his and hers vanities are from Sweden.  They also have separate walk-in closets, big enough to be separate rooms.

And no surprise, her closet is bigger than his.

“Well, I don't show a lot of people my closet because it's a bit much,” said Boykin.  "It's a woman's dream."

Of course, when you’re talking about a home this large with three floors, there’s an elevator for guests staying upstairs with a kitchenette so they can help themselves to a snack or refreshment.

And with so many bedrooms, the Boykins decided to name them.

There’s the Frank Sinatra room, the Elvis Presley Room and the Marilyn Monroe room.

"Why Marilyn Monroe? She liked bath tubs," said Mrs. Boykin.

Each of those rooms also has a spectacular view of the lake.

"When guests come to Lake Norman, they want to be on the lake so we gave them an opportunity.  That's for sure.  The problem is our guests don't want to leave," Mrs. Boykin joked.

Those guests are often times their family.

"Bob and I like to entertain and we like to cook.  That's the reason for this big kitchen.  It's a commercial kitchen.  It has two dishwashers, duel sinks, big commercial stove," she said.

Boykin prides herself on having a house where every room and practically everything is used.

"We have a very large family room,” she said.  "We do not have a formal living room.  We believe in using it, I mean, you know how it is, you have a formal living room and no one sits in it.  Why do that?"

What she has done is put up pictures of her family all over their home, even building a room specifically for her grandkids that’s appeared in magazines.

“We call it the Howdy Doody suite,” she said.

From a playful room for the kids to a game room for the adults and the kids, this home has everything, just like the writing on the wall of their fitness room.

"If you aren't going all the way, why go at all,” Boykin said as she read a quote from Football Hall of Famer Joe Namath.

Perhaps nothing says ‘Going all the way’ better than the view.

"The best view in the house, is right here,” said Boykin as she stood on the third floor overlooking the dining room and out to Lake Norman.

“You look straight out there and of course on a sunny, beautiful day it's incredible,” she added.

While the Boykins still love the view, they no longer need all of the space, so their home is up for sale.

"There's something about living on the water.  You just wake up every day and it just gives you energy,” said Mrs. Boykin.
Editor's Note: The Mooresville mansion is now worth $9.5 million, according to Boykin's realtor.