Lyon County approves alcohol sales


Associated Press

Posted on January 16, 2013 at 6:01 PM

EDDYVILLE, Ky. (AP) — A western Kentucky county has approved an alcohol referendum in a move that makes the city of Eddyville eligible to sell booze.

The Paducah Sun ( reports that Lyon County voters approved the measure Tuesday by 258 ballots. Lyon County Clerk Sarah DeFew said unofficial vote totals were 1,530 for sales and 1,272 against them.

The ballot given to Lyon County citizens had one question on it: "Are you in favor of alcoholic beverage sales in Lyon County?" It will allow both restaurant and package sales in liquor stores. It will take 60 days from the time the election results are certified until alcohol is allowed to be sold.

Reaction was mixed.

Mandy Carney, co-owner of Eddyville's Eddy Creek Marina, said she was pleased with the results.

"We were able to get accomplished what we set out to do," she said. "I hope now the citizens of Lyon County will be able to benefit from these alcohol sales. Businesses that will be able to sell alcohol would be a big help to the county and benefit with jobs and revenue to help the county."

Rick Reeder, co-chairman of Citizens for a Safe Community, said he was disappointed and thought it would lead to negative consequences.

"They will see crime go up, DUIs go up, domestic violence and abuse go up, theft go up," he said. "Public safety is an issue. It is going to cost the county and the city more money in enforcement and patrolling."

There are three licenses available for package liquor stores and an unlimited number of licenses available for restaurants to serve alcoholic drinks.


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