Snooze button saves Indiana man from injuries

Surveying the storm damage in Scott Co.

AUSTIN, Ind. (WHAS11) -- Raymond Bowling of Austin, Ind. says he received a wake-up call that he'll never forget.

"I literally stood up and looked at my cell phone because that’s what I use for my alarm clock and seen I had six minutes remaining, so I said I’m going to lay back down," Bowling states.

This was one time that taking the lazy route probably helped. He shared a picture with WHAS11 showing us the effects of storm damage in his main bathroom.

"About the time I get to dozing off, I’m awaken by the crash, and I come in here to find a tree where I would’ve been standing brushing my teeth had I got up when the second snooze went off,” Bowling said.

Greg Ramoni, Scott County 911 director details, "A lot of outbuilding destroyed, tree damage, missing roofs, stuff of that nature, structural damage, we have had very minor injuries for people.”

There is more storm damage just a few miles from Bowling’s home. Dozens of homeowners are fighting some type of damage, this comes after Emergency Management officials say Scott County was likely hit twice by the same storm. 

Bowling has removed the branch from his bathroom and says he’s thankful for that one extra snooze, and March 1 is a morning he’ll never forget.

If you have flood or storm damage to report in Scott County, call 812-752-0564.

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