Oldham County residents disagree over drive-in movie theatre

Neighbors divided over proposed drive-in

CRESTWOOD, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A wide open field off of Old LaGrange Road in Crestwood could potentially become the site of a drive-in movie theatre in Oldham County.

Oldham County resident Steven Sauerbeck, who proposed the drive-in, said he wanted to create some family-friendly entertainment since the closing of Oldham 8 Theatre. 

Some residents are expressing major concerns, however.  In an open forum meeting Wednesday night, there was not an empty seat in the room as resident after resident discussed their opposition to the drive-in.  Issues that were brought up included heavy traffic, the construction process, excess noise, and some even fear that the drive-in would bring trouble makers, rowdy kids or possibly even drugs to their back yards. 

Several residents say they moved to Oldham County for the quiet countryside.  The site of this potential drive-in is right in Barbara Taylor's backyard. 

“I'm appalled by it, I think it's totally inappropriate, we feel violated.  Absolutely violated.  We lived out here for 30 years, we have children and grandchildren.  You know, our kids are in the yard all the time.  It won't be possible, it will be gone, how am I supposed to keep my four-year-old and my seven-year-old from watching at R-rated movie?” said Barbara Taylor.

Others, though, are in favor, calling the drive-in a new opportunity for family fun.  Charles Turner is a father of three and believes a drive in would be great for Oldham County and its residents. 

“I grew up in Oldham County and I knew how the struggle was trying to grow up without anything to do, you had to go all the way to Louisville to do something, and I want those three to have something to do locally that we can do as a family,” said Charles Turner.

Sauerbeck said it would be designed so that the driveway could hold 200 cars, in an effort to avoid traffic on Old LaGrange Road.

There will be a Planning and Zoning meeting on September 21 to discuss the future of the property. 



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