Noelle Hunter, second chances and redemption

A story of second chances & redemption

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Dr. Noelle Hunter serves as the Executive Director of the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety.

The photo used in official press releases, and articles, a life at one time she didn't think possible.

Light after a very dark time when this photo was taken, Noelle's mugshot, a professor at Morehead State at the time, arrested on drug charges.

For 10 years she struggled with addiction.

An addiction that flared back up after having her daughter Muna, using in the car with the baby inside the vehicle, the baby testing positive for drugs.

The walls tumbling down, but Noelle Hunter says it's not this moment, a picture that now defines her.

She says that mugshot led to the beginning of a whole new life.

She would serve jail time, enter a drug treatment program, Diversion, and later her record expunged. She’s been clean for years.

Noelle's renewed faith would take her through more tough times, finding her daughter Muna after her former husband took her to West Africa, despite Noelle having joint custody.

She would call on Senator Mitch McConnell to get her back and eventually, she did.

Muna and Noelle with a new life in Frankfort, a new job, a second chance, Governor Bevin willing to hire her, knowing everything.

She told him I have passed, he said that doesn’t matter now and gave her a second chance she says what a moment.

That's Noelle's message to those clients of Prodigal Ministries, also hoping for that second chance, a prodigal daughter can come back and pick herself up.

The woman who stood in front of so many as a criminal, now standing before them as a public servant in Kentucky.


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