Southern Indiana Agencies strive to keep drugs away from children

What happens when TLC Services finds drugs?

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- They'll search the house and they'll find the drugs.

“We have seen heroin, meth, but we've seen so many synthetic drugs that it's been very concerning.  Spice, bath salts, things that you can buy in the store,” said Micahel Davis, creator of The Last Chance K-9 Service.

They've been operating here in Kentuckiana for a year now.  Parents who are suspicious their kids might be on drugs call the service and for $99, a trained K9 searches the house and if there are drugs, the dogs will find them. But the one thing TLC K-9 Services can no longer do.

“We do not remove the narcotics anymore until we proudly deserve our DEA license to do so,” he explains. 

So if you are a parent and use services like TLC K9 to find drugs in your kid's rooms, what do you do with the drugs they find? Clarksville Police says they are here to help.

“You call us, we can have an officer come out, you can come in for a private interview with a narcotics officer or whoever it might be and just share information,” said Detective Nathan Walls with Clarksville Police. 

He’s talking about information like where the child got it from, or how long have they been using. Detective Walls says it’s a casual conversation to help the child, but also find the dealer. 

“Our goal is to cut off the source, it's not to get the kid. It's not necessarily to lock your kid up or anything like that, it's to get the source,” Detective Walls explains. 

Clarksville Police says Handing in your child's drugs doesn't mean they'll face criminal charges, but they do offer some advice to parents to keep things from getting worse. 

“Keep an eye on their Instagrams, their Facebooks, their Snapchats to see not necessarily the things they post, but the things they like,” he said. 

The ultimate goal by Clarksville Police and TLC K-9 Services is keeping children and the streets drug-free.

“We cannot wait to rid of all the drug issues here touching our children’s noses, their mouths, and their lungs,” said Davis. 

TLC K-9 Services is completely confidential.  They will not go to police under any circumstances.

Not all police departments may operate like Clarksville PD. LMPD told WHAS 11 News if a parent came in with their child's stash, depending on circumstances, they would likely open up an investigation.


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