Crash lands in Sellersburg family's front yard

Ambulance, SUV crash in family's front yard

SELLERSBURG, Ind. (WHAS11) - A busy highway in Sellersburg is back open after a crash involving an ambulance shut it down earlier Sunday night. It happened near the intersection of Highway 60 and West Saint Joe Road.
“Everybody is okay. We just thank God every day that nothing seriously happened to us or the people that were actually in the accident,” neighbor Carla Ramser said. 
The crash landed right in her family’s front yard. 
“We were sitting on the back deck and all of the sudden we heard an ambulance coming. We knew there was an accident somewhere else,” Ramser said.  
After living along Highway 60 for more than 20 years, it's a sound the Ramser family has heard before. Only this time, it came a little too close for comfort.Ramser family has heard before. Only this time, it came a little too close for comfort.
“It’s just a piercing sound when you hear two cars collide. So, we took off running, and it was the ambulance that was on its side and then a Yukon that had flipped over twice and was in our yard,” Ramser said. “Just the noise itself, it gets your adrenaline going.”
Instinct and training kicked in next. 
“The people in the ambulance, he was a hero. He basically got out of the ambulance and started taking care of the girl that was in the Yukon. The girl was in worse shape than he was,” Ramser said. “Just very scary, scary for her, you know her husband is a doctor and he got here in time and it was like he was giving directions on things he wanted to have done.”
Nobody ever expects to have something this happen right in their front yard, right? Well, for the Ramsers, they kind of do.
“This is not a surprise. It happens very often. When you say very often, probably 4-5 times a year that we end up with vehicles in our yard,” Ramser said. “It’s not our typical Sunday, well it might be. Some days it just depends on the day, sometimes it does happen on a Sunday.”
The crashes no longer come as a surprise, but the concern they bring never gets any less. 
“Very scary, we have kids, but they’re grown but we have great nieces and nephews that come over for family get-togethers. The rule is you never go out past the house just because you never know what’s going to be in the yard,” Ramser said. “Our daughter was actually in an accident like almost three years ago right out front where she was rear-ended. They were turning and got rear-ended.”
The Ramsers said the state actually wants to widen Highway 60, which would take the road about eleven feet from their front door. They want something to change but think that’d be a move in the wrong direction. 
“People need to pay more attention to what they’re doing,” Ramser said. “They need to do something. We’re not sure what it is, but the thing that we’re scared of the most is that somebody is going to end up in our house or it’s going to be one of us that ends up being injured seriously.”


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