Hail leaves trail of damage in Bardstown

WHAS11's Dennis Ting takes a look at the damage caused by hail in Bardstown.

BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Holes litter the side of a home on Murray's Run Road. The projectiles, not bullets from a gun, but hail from the sky.

"It looks like someone just shot up our house," Laura Binkley, the homeowner, said. "We pull in the driveway and the hail's still coming down and my little boy says, 'Mommy, there are holes in our house.'"

Binkley said she was driving home when the hail started, breaking the wind guard of her car and denting the roof. But the damage didn't stop there, with hail tearing up the vinyl siding of her home and breaking parts of her storm drain.

"It was about golf ball, ping-pong sized hail, so that was pretty weird to see last night," she said,

Other buildings in the area also suffered the same fate. Less than a mile away, Olde Delaney's Country Ham Store was similarly sprayed by the icy projectiles, the storm captured by the store's surveillance camera.

"Kind of gland to the left and seen all the damage out front. I said, 'Whoa!' I just pulled in here to check out the store," owner David Shields said. "Could have been worse. Could have drove out here and had it be nothing here at all."

The storm is now over, but the road to recovery is just beginning. Insurance agents have already starting surveying the damage, with adjustors expected to make stops next week. But despite the damage, people have been in relatively good spirits.

"Kind of lucky," Shields said. "It could have been blown away so there could have been nothing here."

"Things can be replaced as long as nobody got hurt," Binkley said.

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