Grandmother sues Crosby Middle after bullying incidents

Lawsuit filed against JCPS over bullying

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – A Louisville grandmother is filing a lawsuit against JCPS employees over bullying in school.

Rebecca Hargrove says her grandson's 6th-grade year at Crosby Middle School was a year from hell. 

"He ended up having to be in the hospital because of emotional, from the bullying, he had to be hospitalized," said Hargrove. 

Hargrove says the alleged bullying started with name calling but quickly escalated. 

"He was also pushed into a locker, he was picked up and thrown down on the stairs, he was punched in the stomach, he was tripped, and this was repeatedly on a daily basis he was being teased and tripped, and just treated badly," Hargrove said. "No child should have to go to school and be afraid, they should be able to go to school to learn and get an education and not be in fear, he got to the point where he didn't want to go to school.

Hargrove says the bullying got so bad, she had to pull her 11-year-old grandson out of school and transfer him to a private school where he is doing much better. 

Hargrove and her attorneys Ted Gordon and Vincent Heuser Jr. have filed suit against the Crosby Middle School principal, assistant principal and counselor claiming they were negligent. 

"This could have been stopped, he could have been protected, but Crosby, as many other schools have done, turned the blind eye," Attorney Ted Gordon said.

Besides medical expenses, the lawsuit seeks damages including private schooling tuition and costs for the child arguing he is "entitled to have by law a safe, secure and orderly school that is conducive to his learning."

"This was the first case that we have had that the bullying was so horrible and so bad that the child was not safe at Crosby Middle school and if they cannot give a protective environment and a student who is that severely injured both physically and emotionally has to seek private school to be safe I want JCPS to pay for the private school," Gordon said. 

We reached out to JCPS for comment, but they said the district does not comment on pending litigation.



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