Local woman reunited with late mother thanks to Elvis Friday Flashbacks



Posted on February 19, 2013 at 9:37 AM

Louisville, Ky. (WHAS11) - Elvis, as we all know, is even bigger now than he was when he was alive and a local family is saying thanks to Elvis.

This month, WHAS11’s Friday Flashbacks, from the WHAS11 archives continues and what fitting way to start it with a true occurrence.

On January 8th, WHAS11 News featured a Friday Flashback honoring Elvis’ 75th birthday and a Louisville family watching the newscast that night, suddenly reunited with their late mother, after a nine second film clip.

It was Louisville in 1974 and on the video; Elvis emerges from his hotel room near the fairgrounds to head to Freedom Hall for his concert.

In the crowd that day, WHAS reporter Jim West was interviewing people.

He happened to talk to Dorothy Goff, who was with her daughter and grandkids that day.

Because the concert ended late, she never saw her interview that aired on WHAS that day.  She and her family missed it.

That is, until a few weeks ago, during WHAS11’s 6pm news.

WHAS11 invited them both to the station to view that short clip once again.

It became a tearful reunion, 30 years after her mother's death. The family has no home movies so it was the first time they've seen or heard her voice since her death.

But WHAS11 had a surprise for them both; a longer segment of Dorothy on film that had never aired.

And through it all, the unlikely reunion via film really does have the hand of Elvis all over it.  Dorothy died at age 75.

Her daughter and granddaughter saw her again, by chance, on the day of Elvis' 75th birthday, which was also Dorothy’s birthday.

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