Flyers posted throughout West Louisville with strong messages

West End Flier: Snitches end up in ditches

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- When you're driving by, it's likely you'll miss them.

“No, I didn't pay any attention to them," one neighbor said in regards to the fliers being posted around their neighborhood.

But if you stop to take a look, some flyers display strong messages.  A picture of a police officer with the words, "black traitors."  Another poster describes the characteristics of a black traitor saying "Always got a phone ready to call the police for no real emergency.  Her words are: 'Lock him up.'”

“I don't know.  Troublemakers, I guess, trying to start something,” Richard Goodson, a neighbor said.

Police have spent a lot of time recently urging people to report crimes and not be afraid to do it.  WHAS11 approached several people in west Louisville for comment about fliers, but they all told me they didn't want to get involved.
On the bottom of the flyers, it says "Listen on Facebook Montrell Muhammad Ministry."  WHAS11 looked it up on Facebook.  On Montrell Muhammad's Facebook page was a post that says, "At home contemplating on the next flier for you Black Traitors/Snitches/Rats."

“Black traitors right here in Louisville, Kentucky seeking to keep black people at the bottom and keeping white people on top,” Muhammad says on a video he posted on his YouTube page about a month ago.

For now, neighbors like Richard Goodson say they are just wondering why.

“I don't know...People just need to get along though.  That's all I know,” Goodson says.

WHAS11 contacted Montrell Mohammad several times about his posts, but we have not heard back from him.

LMPD does know about these posters as well. 

We received this statement from the LMPD spokesperson:

"Obviously we'd disagree with it's premise and just as we appreciate the tip that this sign was posted we appreciate any and all tips that could help us solve crimes and help us empower communities to overcome violent crime.   Those tips can be submitted anonymously at 574-LMPD."


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