Five charged in murder of mother and son


by Adrianna Hopkins

Posted on November 17, 2009 at 7:03 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 18 at 1:07 AM

Five people are now charged in connection with the murder of a mother and son in southwest Jefferson County.

Diana Wood and her son Steve Wood Jr. were shot and killed Thursday and two others in their apartment were badly beaten.

Police have pieced together the events that happened that day.

According to police, the victims were provoked and lured outside, only to be shot to death.

The suspects then assaulted two other people in the victims' apartment leaving one with head injuries.

Police tracked down 3 of the 5 suspects involved at a daycare Tuesday.

Police blame 5 people for the murders of Diana Wood and her son Steve Wood Junior.

The two were gunned down near their home at Whispering Woods Apartment complex in broad daylight Thursday.

According to police, Laquita Townsend and her juvenile son showed up at the Wood's home, knocked on the door, provoked an argument and lured the victims outside.

Police say shots were fired; mother and son killed, and two other family members beat up.

Zachary Kilgore and Marcus Greene, both convicted felons, are charged with two counts of murder and assault each.

The suspects left the apartment complex and police never found a handgun at the scene.

Then Tuesday afternoon, police conducted an investigation at the Apple Star Learning and Development Center.

Because, according to police, Marcus' wife, had the gun used in the murders at that daycare in downtown Louisville and hid it in an employee's lunch bag.

She's charged with tampering with evidence.

So is Vickie Ramsey who told police Greene gave her the gun to carry it out of the daycare, but she had no idea it was used in a crime.

Tuesday night police searched the apartment of Marcus Greene and his wife.

Stevonte Woods witnessed his mother and brothers' deaths.

"She saw my brother on the ground and they shot her," he said.

The 14-year-old told WHAS11 News earlier this week, that this all started because his brother broke up a fight between him and another boy at Farnsley Middle School.

"My momma and brother died because he lied and said my brother pulled a gun out on him and beat him up. And my brother didn't even touch him."

It's a claim police aren't disputing. They say that fight between kids escalated between adults and now, two people, a mother and son are dead and five people are connected to their deaths.

The victims were laid to rest Tuesday. WHAS11 called Steve Wood Senior, and he didn't want to talk but said he's been through so much.

The Apple Star Learning and Development Center is on Preston Street near Market downtown.

It is registered under the name Dacica Tyus, we believe she changed her last name after marrying Marcus Greene.

Another name listed is Tyisha Ramsey, we do not know if she is related to Vickie Ramsey, the woman police say had the lunch bag where the gun was found.

It's not clear if the daycare will be open Wednesday or how many children are there each day.