Do you get what you pay for?

Do you get what you pay for?

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS 11)--How many times have you opened a bag of chips and felt like you were being ripped off because you thought it was mostly air? We’ve gone through a long list of products, to find out if you’re really getting what’s listed on the label.

First up, light beer, and you know what? Twelve ounces on the label was 12 ounces in the bottle.

We measured a roll of duct tape, which advertises 55 yards on the package. It had two feet more.

We then turned our attention to the other products. The Gain laundry detergent that reads 100 ounces on the label had at least that much, or maybe a little more. A one-pound bag of Tostitos stacked up to its promise, and so did all the chips we weighed. In fact, most gave us a bit more.

Our 10-pound bag of sugar? Again, right on the money and maybe a scoop extra. And a Dunkin Donuts bag of coffee gave us four ounces extra. Speaking of coffee, a 12-ounce Starbucks was 12 ounces.

We did test a bottle of cranberry grape juice from Kroger and a Milo’s sweet tea and found they were super close the promised ounces, but maybe just a little bit shy.

The biggest difference we found was with a roll of Scott toilet paper. The wrapper said 1000 sheets per roll, and we counted 997 which means the roll is 3 short.

So if you’re counting on getting what you paid for we’re happy to report, that for the most part, it’s really close and often a little more.



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