Affordable Adventures: Western Kentucky

Affordable Adventures: Western Ky.

WESTERN KENTUCKY, Ky. (WHAS11) – This region marked our fifth and final day of adventures for the summer road trip series. It’s a bit of a trek from Louisville, but can definitely still be done in a day. We took Interstate 65 and the Western Kentucky Parkway to get there, and it took about three hours.

Here’s a quick look at our stops: (Click here to see the trip map)

Main Stops:

1.)    Land Between the Lakes in Golden Pond, KY  

2.)    Adsmore Museum in Princeton, KY

Lunch: Patti’s 1880’s Settlement in Grand Rivers, KY

Detour: Jefferson Davis Monument State Historic Site in Fairview, KY

Here’s a breakdown of our experiences on the road:

We started the day at our first main stop at Land Between the Lakes in Golden Pond. It was recommended by Dianne Morris. From the planetarium to the nature station, there are so many different activities to cover all sorts of interests.

“We have a full experience when it comes to astronomy,” planetarium manager Robert Milner said. “We basically want people to have an experience where they are enlightened about the earth and its place in the solar system and the universe and kind of look just beyond the surface of the earth.”

The planetarium is also helping people get ready for the solar eclipse that will be most vibrant in the region this August. There is also an observatory outside where guests can get great views with an incredibly advanced telescope at summer “Star Parties.”

“In a very short period of time, you get to see a lot of objects in the sky. You get to look through a lot of different telescopes, and you get to hear about the telescope and the object you’re looking at from people that definitely know what they’re talking about,” Milner said.

The nature station gives families a chance to see wildlife native to the area up close and personal. All of the animals who live there have gotten hurt and wouldn’t survive on their own in the wild, so they are used for education and awareness purposes now. You’ll see everything from turkeys to coyotes to owls.


For a family of four to explore Land Between the Lakes, it’ll cost an average of $16 for the planetarium and $16 for the nature station.

For location, hours, and more information on Land Between the Lakes,  click here

From Land Between the Lakes, we headed to lunch at Patti’s 1880’s Settlement in Grand Rivers. Joy Brown recommended this restaurant. It is so charming. The food and service are both fantastic, and you’ll eat dishes you won’t find anywhere else. We got to sample the famous two-inch pork chop, Don’s Chicken, the Sampler Supreme, and several desserts like the Mile High Merengue and Bill’s Boatsinker. The portions are huge and could definitely last you at least a few lunches or dinners.  The decorations are very ornate, and that transforms every season. The team at Patti’s said it’s especially proud of its Christmas setup.

“There’s only about 350 people that live in this town, and we do over 350,000 a year that come to Patti’s. So, that alone, we’re pretty proud of that,” marketing director Ann Martin said.


For a family of four to eat at Patti’s, it’ll cost an average of $80.

For location, hours, and more information on Patti’s, click here

From lunch, we headed to our second main stop of the day, the Adsmore Museum in Princeton. We got this recommendation from Barbara Weatherly. The mansion is one of the oldest in the town and was one of the very first to have electricity in the early 1900s. The tour is very unique in that it’s done as a living history experience.

“They can come through the home and get a firsthand experience walking next to furniture that’s over a hundred years old, seeing that handmade craftsmanship, the clothing that they would’ve worn, the little gadgets that they would’ve had,” curator Rebecca Pool said.  “It’s funny. The last curator would say if it’s living history, the house would clean itself. But, what we try to show when you visit the museum, our tour guides want to act like they’re the family’s friend and the family has gone downtown to shop. They want to show you around the house while you’re out. We want you to be able to walk in the house and see their hat tossed in the chair where they would’ve just come in from a long day at work or the bank. We want you to see the table set for dinner as if it would’ve been.”


For a family of four to visit the Adsmore Museum, it’ll cost an average of $18.

For location, hours, and more information on the Adsmore Museum, click here

To close out our day, we stopped at the detour of the day with the Jefferson Davis Monument State Historic Site in Fairview. This giant monument looks very similar to the Washington Monument in our nation’s capital.

For location, hours, and more information on the monument, click here



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