Woman battling breast cancer lives 'bucket list'


by Melissa Swan


Posted on August 1, 2013 at 11:29 PM

Updated Friday, Aug 2 at 12:04 AM

(WHAS11) -- If you go to the Facebook page, Bonnie’s Blessings, you will see all the places Bonnie Lynn has been.  

I first met Bonnie when she took a trip to the WHAS11 studios. I was number nine on Bonnie’s Bucket List.

Bonnie was born with a birth defect.   In fact, doctors said she wouldn’t walk or talk and as a child she was abused.   A foster Family finally gave Bonnie a good home but now at the age of 40, she’s battling breast cancer that has invaded her bones.

Bonnie’s friend, Tiffany Wigginton Carnal and people far and near have been making Bonnie’s bucket list a reality for her.  Maybe you’ve seen the movie “The Bucket List” where two seriously ill men try to live out their dreams before they die.  

The idea for Bonnie’s bucket list came after one particularly discouraging doctor's visit.

Carnal says, “We came home and it was perfect timing.  It (the Bucket List movie) was on TV.    I knew there were lots of things she’s never done so we started a bucket list.”

After Bonnie’s visit to WHAS11, she also had a horse drawn Cinderella Carriage ride.  It was number four on Bonnie’s List.   Louisville Horse Trams donated the ride.  

The Market Place Restaurant, at Theatre Square, served Bonnie a special four-course meal.

Of her bucket list experiences Bonnie says, “I want to have good memories.   I don’t want to have bad memories at all.”

For several months now Bonnie Lynn and Tiffany Carnal have been living the list. 

Bonnie has seen old friends.  That was number 21 on her list.  She’s gone on vacation with Carnal and her family.  She saw New York City and was amazed by Times Square.  That was number 24.    She went to Carlo’s Bakery in New Jersey – Number 23.   Bonnie wanted to see animals in the wild.  Dolphins in the ocean became number six.

Bonnie says, “Just seeing them play in the ocean and just interact, that was very neat and interesting.”

Here in Louisville, Bonnie’s lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory was number 14 on the bucket list.

All along the way Bonnie has been smiling, having a great time.

Carnal has received donations for some of the bucket list items. 

She says, “I told them Bonnie’s story and they fell in love with her just like I fell in love with her.”

At the heart of Bonnie’s bucket list is a philosophy Tiffany Carnal repeats to her friend often. 

She says, “Like I told her, the day you’re born is the day you start dying.

Everybody’s dying and we can’t sit here and cry and be negative about it you know.  We’re all dying.  Let’s have a good time.”