Woman speaks out after allegedly being burned by ex-boyfriend with scalding grease


by Adam Walser


Posted on December 10, 2012 at 6:31 PM

Updated Monday, Dec 10 at 6:41 PM

(WHAS11) -- A man is charged with assault and intimidating a witness after allegedly throwing boiling cooking oil on his ex-girlfriend and attempting to strangle her.

The victim says that the alleged attacks over the weekend were just the latest examples of months of domestic violence attacks involving her ex-boyfriend.

The victim is encouraging others involved in abusive relationships to get out.

“I went to the hospital that night. The ambulance came. I had first and second degree burns,” Zaire Purnell said.

She says he ex-boyfriend tried to kill her early Saturday morning because she recently broke up with him.

Larenzo Moore was arrested by Louisville Metro Police after allegedly pouring hot grease on her while she slept.

Purnell believes Moore drained a deep fryer, then heated the oil in a microwave. He then allegedly entered her room through a window.

“He stood on this table out there and just threw it through the window,” Purnell said.

The grease caused massive burns on one side of Purnell's body.  The couple, who used to date, lived in separate apartments in the same building.

Purnell says Moore attacked her hours earlier by placing an ammonia-soaked rag over her face.

“I guess he took the ammonia and poured it there. I was lying down and next thing you know, he came over and started doing like this. From me struggling, I pushed the rag off my face and jumped up and pushed him,” Purnell said.

Purnell says those weren't the only attacks. 

“I had five stitches in the middle of my forehead where he busted me in my forehead. I had stitches in my lip where he busted me in my lip,” she said.

Moore has been arrested before for allegedly attacking another woman.

He pleaded guilty to a lesser offense of harassment, after originally being charged with assault.

Purnell urges others to walk away before they're hurt.

“Any females out there that have a boyfriend and you feel like they're a little bit crazy and you think that's cute, please don't, because that's how females end up in the morgue,” she said.

Moore is being held at Metro Corrections under a $50,000 bond.

The judge has also issued a no contact order forbidding him to return to the address or have any contact with the victim.