WHAS11's Melissa Swan gets an inside look at the new Bluegrass Boardwalk


by Melissa Swan


Posted on May 16, 2012 at 6:44 PM

Updated Wednesday, May 16 at 7:02 PM

(WHAS11) -- Transforming the old Kentucky Kingdom into Bluegrass Boardwalk will begin in the next  few weeks. The Koch family, which owns holiday world will get the clean-up underway.

WHAS11’s Melissa Swan grew up near Holiday World and asked the family that owns the park how they plan to duplicate success.

The owners of Holiday World, now hold the keys to the kingdom, the old Kentucky Kingdom that is.

Buildings and walkways that the Koch's say remind them of a seaside resort have become rundown and weedy in the three years since the park was closed.

WHAS11’s Melissa Swan recently got a tour.

First the dirty, brown water will be drained from the wave pool. Ducks don't seem to mind but paying customers probably would.

Trees are growing up between the water slides, many rides are in pieces and paint is peeling everywhere. But Natalie and Dan Koch, the sister/brother duo behind the kingdom redo, see much more.

“The bones are here. It's ready to go. It just needs to be brought back up to where it should be,” said Natalie Koch.

Cleanliness has become a Holiday World claim to fame.

The Mammoth, the world’s longest water coaster just recently debuted at Holiday World. While The Mammoth is currently Holiday World's pride and joy you may never see it at Bluegrass Boardwalk.

The Koch family says that they will be unique parks from each other. They will however be duplicating free soft drinks, free sunscreen and plenty of rules. The Koch’s say that both parks will be G-rated.  

The number one rule will be no offensive language. They say if they hear people cussing in line they will immediately approach them with security.

No vulgar clothing will be allowed either. The Koch’s say that there is going to be zero tolerance policy for any of that kind of behavior.

There will also be zero tolerance for alcohol which was for sale at Kentucky Kingdom but the Koch’s say that's an easy fix.

Holiday World, one of the few family-owned amusement parks in the country, started off small but now it has more than one million customers a year.

Created by Louis Koch in 1946, the park was first called Santa Claus Land where kids from miles around sat on Santa's knee year round.

Pat Koch, who recently handed control to generation number three, admits that Holiday World type success in the big city will be a challenge.

The Koch's say that acceptance is already coming in e-mails and cards.

“People have actually sent real cards, the old fashioned kind of greeting cards...saying thank you,” said Natalie Koch.