1 year after 4 boys are killed, WHAS11 revisits former Youth Alive members



Posted on November 16, 2009 at 6:48 PM

Updated Monday, Nov 16 at 8:13 PM

Louisville, Ky. (WHAS11) - The suspect in the deadly Youth Alive crash faced a judge Monday morning.

Hebert Lee is charged with murders in the deaths of brothers Demar, Jemar and Marc Claybrook and their friend Arron Shields.

The four were killed in a car crash in December after a Youth Alive event.

After the crash, the program shut down and WHAS11 News is taking a closer look at what happened to the kids that were in Youth Alive and those who were long time supporters.

Monday was a mini reunion for the kids once involved with Youth Alive.

WHAS11 called them together for an interview about what's happened to them since the program shut-down but the interview took a backseat to their excitement of being together again.

The kids say they feel like the community hasn't thought about them since the crash that killed their friends.

“I feel like they just forgot about us because now it’s hard to get into another afterschool program,” says former Youth Alive member Shaiyane Sawyers.  

“Since Youth Alive shut down I had friends that joined gangs and got shot and girls that got pregnant,” says former member Lonzell Martin.

There were about 100 kids involved in Youth Alive.

Because of legal bills and mounting litigation from that deadly crash almost a year ago, the program that helped at risk youth dissolved and the kids went their separate ways.

It hasn't been a smooth journey finding their way into another youth organization.

Those who were long time financial supporters say they haven't forgotten about the kids.

When WHAS11 News talked to Mark Stevens of Stevens and Stevens Deli, he started tearing up when asked about the program

“One of the greatest things in their lives that was lacking was love,” he says.

Mark Stevens says he is disappointed about how things played out with the program but he says he looks back on the kids that were helped from Youth Alive.

He says they helped kids go to college and receive scholarships.