UPDATE: Progress made at raccoon infested apartment building


by Maggie Ruper


Posted on November 15, 2013 at 12:29 AM

Updated Friday, Nov 15 at 7:27 AM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11)-- After residents complained of a raccoon problem at the Iroquois Heights apartments, WHAS11 stepped in to help.

Hazel Smith said a raccoon fell through her bathroom ceiling into the tub and, on another occasion, a raccoon attempted to come through an opening in her living room floor.

Smith has since moved out of the apartment, but WHAS11 has been checking on the progress at the complex.

Metro Codes and Regulations sent out an inspector four times since the initial report. They fined the owner for violations and found dozens of new ones, including foundation problems, stagnant water and pest infestation.

City officials gave the building owner, Brett Butler, 30 days to fix the problems and a WHAS11 crew showed up, unannounced Thursday, nearly a month after the reported violations.

“Whatever you have done, they've gotten on the ball,” Irene Harris said.

Butler has remained silent, but we did find two maintenance workers at the complex Thursday. They told us they couldn’t talk, but they have been busy putting in a new floor and new kitchen cabinets have been installed in Harris’ apartment. However, some residents said they’re not happy with the progress.

“I know they're just doing shoddy work just to make sure nothing is said or make it seem like they're actually doing something and they’re not,” Quentin Pounds said.

Documents show the owner is still not in compliance with having common area smoke detectors and only partially in compliance with the foundation issues, but the inspector did report that the stagnant water problem has been remedied, along with the raccoon problem.

While the deadline has passed for the owner to make all repairs, officials said because they are seeing progress they will give him more time before issuing citations and fines. The next inspection date is set for Nov. 25.