Thousands of pages released in Jessica Dishon case


by Chelsea Rabideau

Posted on July 10, 2014 at 11:27 PM

Updated Thursday, Jul 10 at 11:54 PM

 LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11)-- A massive stack of legal documents was released Thursday in the Jessica Dishon murder case.

Though Stanley Dishon, Jessica’s uncle who is now charged with her murder is almost never mentioned in the more than 1000 pages.
It is a look into the early days of the investigation into 17-year-old Dishon's disappearance, which would eventually become an investigation into her brutal rape and murder. 
The newly released documents detail everything from the contents of Dishon's purse the day she went missing to tips collected from around the country by America's Most Wanted. 
In her purse, investigators found typical teenager things: notes, phone numbers, check stubs, a pass to Kentucky Kingdom. They also found a note from a "secret admirer" who says they're watching.
The massive stack seems to be from the stage in the case when investigators were looking mainly at brothers, David "Bucky" and Tommy Brooks.
Particularly, conflicting statements from Bucky Brooks about the last time he saw Dishon and polygraph tests that showed indications of deception when Bucky Brooks was asked about Dishon's disappearance.
Included in the documents are the initial statements from Dishon’s parents and younger brothers, friends, acquaintances, and neighbors. 
A forensic report included in the release states the medical examiner who examined her body and the scene where it was found. The medical examiner believed that the body was placed in that spot on or near the date Dishon disappeared. 
Now, jailhouse informants said Jessica’s uncle, Stanley Dishon claimed to have held her in a barn and tortured her for days. 
Police said they don't believe the Brooks brothers had anything to do with the crime. 
Bucky Brooks said he has no hard feelings toward investigators. 
Stanley Dishon is scheduled to stand trial for the murder in September. 
His brother and Jessica’s father, Mike Dishon still believes Bucky Brooks had something to do with his daughter's death.