Teens arraigned for Sellersburg man's murder


by Adam Walser


Posted on March 22, 2013 at 6:04 PM

Updated Friday, Mar 22 at 7:01 PM

SELLERSBUG, Ind. (WHAS11) -- Prosecutors say two teens, Garreth Stephens and Christopher Jared Sowder, murdered 47-year-old Stephen Baldwin in the course of a burglary plot that was weeks in the planning.

A witness told police he received text messages from Sowders trying to enlist him and a teenage girl into participating in the burglary.

In the texts, police say Sowders wrote he would bring a gun, ski masks, bags and zip ties.

"When they were surprised by the homeowner being home, they decided to shoot him," Clark County Deputy Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said.

"You gotta know, you bring a gun and anything can happen," Melanie Coghill, Baldwin's widow, said.

Coghill said she is disgusted that none of the teens who knew about the plot told police.

"They could have stopped my husband from being murdered. I'm devastated about that. That people didn't care about us," Coghill said.

The suspects attended Silver Creek High School with Baldwin's stepson Blake Glaab.

Glaab said he stopped hanging out with them about a year ago, "When I realized they were getting too out of control and dealing with guns and stuff."

The suspects allegedly believed Glaab had thousands of dollars hidden in the home, but they took nothing on the day of the murder.

Hours later, Sowders posted a message on Twitter saying "I'm looking at myself as a different person now and I love it."

"I'm so angry that they did this and hurt because they were once my friends. I once cared about them. I would have done anything for them," Glaab said.