Taxpayers would foot the bill for third Camm trial


Posted on December 1, 2009 at 2:24 PM

Updated Thursday, Mar 13 at 12:11 PM

(WHAS11) - Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson should decide by the end of this week whether or not he will re-try David Camm on charges that he murdered his wife and children in 2000.

Monday, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled that they would uphold their June decision that threw out Camm's latest conviction.  This is the second time Camm has been convicted of murdering his family and the second time that conviction has been thrown out.  Each trial has been lengthy and expensive - costing Floyd County nearly $1 million for each trial.
"The money part is what I don't like," says Floyd County resident Bob Riley.  "It's awful to spend all that money on... one guy."
The alternative to another trial is to let David camm walk out of jail as a free man. Right now, he remains in jail.
"I believe it's cost the county a lot of money to prosecute him, but they just can't let this man walk free," says Dee Carter, who lives in New Albany.  "No matter what it costs, they are going to have to try him again to make sure justice is done."
The victims' family has said they will do "whatever it takes" to get another trial for Camm and another conviction.  But prosecuting a third trial will likely cost the county another $1 million.
"That's taxpayer money - that's exactly what it is," says Tyler Foley, who lives in Georgetown.  "So I care.  But also justice needs to be served.  So if he's guilty, they need to ... put him back in jail."
Meanwhile, Frank and Janice Wren, the parents of Kim, who was murdered, say they plan to do “anything necessary” to see justice.
“Of course it’s an ordeal to go through another trial,” says Nick Stein, the attorney who represents the Wren family. “They’re gut-wrenching trials, but they’re willing to do that again. They want to do that again because that’s the only way to bring justice to David Camm.”
Henderson says he plans to make a decision within the next few days.

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