Stolen No. Oldham High School band trailer found in West Louisville


by Karma Dickerson

Posted on January 8, 2013 at 12:49 AM

Updated Tuesday, Jan 8 at 9:04 AM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Oldham county police are looking for the people who stole lawn equipment and band gear from North Oldham High School. On Monday afternoon they found some of the stolen property across county lines in West Louisville.

“I just felt sick because we always have our stuff stored in there,” Beth Hasson said. 

As the band booster president Hasson was one of the first to hear some of their gear had been taken.  On Monday morning a North Oldham High School employee found band items strewn across the football field, items that were usually kept in a trailer.

About the same time Hasson got the news, Shenita Rickman arrived to work to find that same trailer in her parking lot. The president of trinity family life she called everyone from the school to police to find out what was happening.

Meanwhile the people at North Oldham realized the hundreds of dollars in miscellaneous band gear and trailer were just the beginning of what was missing.  The thieves also took about $20,000 in yard maintenance equipment.

“They wanted the mower and the Gators and the high end stuff.  They didn't care about our measly stuff, they just wanted the trailer to haul it all in,” Hasson said.

LMPD took custody of the recovered trailer from the West Louisville parking lot.  A volunteer with trinity family life caught a glimpse of what was inside, but says it wasn't much.

“There was some tool boxes in there, everything else, stripped out, band equipment, just small fans, tools,” Mark Crossland said.

While the band gear seems to have been a casualty of the mower theft, Hasson said it is still potentially a huge blow to the kids.  All of their equipment is paid for through fundraising, and some items, like the color guard flags believed to be on board were one of a kind.

The staff has not yet been able to inspect the recovered trailer and the merchandise inside, but they do plan to go down to impound, and it bring that back to campus as soon as possible.