Local pet store owner finds stolen ferret under his own investigation


by WHAS11


Posted on September 26, 2013 at 7:00 PM

Updated Thursday, Sep 26 at 9:54 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A Saint Matthews pet store owner who says he had a ferret stolen right out of his shop in August 2013 took matters into his own hands.

A surveillance camera inside Poe's Pet Depot caught the entire ordeal, back in August, but that ferret has now been found.

In a unique twist, the pet store owner decided to take the investigation into his own hands. He told us he had to go undercover himself to get the baby ferret back and in the hands of the rightful owner.

“It was in our best interest to get the ferret back as quickly as possible because as we talked about in our last show, if not taken care of they can run into a lot of problems quickly,” Poe said. 

So, the owner set up their own undercover sting operation on Craigslist where they say the culprit posted 'they have a ferret for sale.'

Poe said he started to text the seller about purchasing the ferret.

“…we wanted to get some pictures. And that was our way of verifying that was our ferret, because we knew our ferret had distinct markings,” Poe said.

Saint Matthews Police say there is no way of positively telling if the stolen ferret is the one online.
Regardless, the owner went to Shively to make the exchange for $100.

They soon returned it to the person who rightfully purchased it from the store before it was stolen.

“This is Darwin. He is one of the class pets named after Charles,” Pat Hammer, who Poe says is the rightful owner of the ferret, said.

Pat Hammer is an eighth grade science teacher at Holy Trinity Parish School where Darwin is a main attraction for the students.

“Oh they love him, they love him.” Hammer said.

He says Darwin is the first thing his students go to see in the morning.

Darwin has since recovered from some ailments after his return. And now calls this three-story ferret Taj Mahal his home.

Saint Matthews Police have not issued any charges because they say there is no proof that the ferret they bought was stolen.