Another snow day leaves JCPS, parents finding ways to deal


by Claudia Coffey

Posted on March 4, 2014 at 7:48 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- This latest winter blast then single digit temps meant yet another snow day for some area schools including JCPS.

Some parents are finding it financially difficult to deal with each day and JCPS may be looking at different options to deal with snow days if there are more days off in the future.

Jackie Holt said some parents have to take off when their kids are off or pay for a sitter.

"Tough for my sister, she works. And I have to pick up the slack for her and her kids," Jackie Holt, a parent, said.

JCPS wasn't the only district to call off school on Tuesday, March 4. Around the area solid ice is still on many side streets.

"Here at Southern Park Way and Tenney is a good example of what bus drivers would have to face on a morning like this. You have a main road that's completely clear and a side road that’s still ice covered."

JCPS spokesperson Ben Jackey said the district is reaching the end of their built in snow days.

"Right now we have one more day. And that is June the 13th which is a Friday. If we use two more days, our calendar committee would have to get together and figure out where to go from here," Jackey said.

The long winter is also causing parents to adjust vacation schedules.

"The biggest impact is in the future. In the summer our vacations are taken away, stripped down. In the summer you have to schedule your vacations. So now you either find a way to reschedule or you don't do it," Champ Claussem, a parent, said.

Parents and even students are hoping Mother Nature is finished. 

"I'm tired. Period," Holt says.

Right now the last day for JCPS is June 12.