Police identify victim, man accused of deadly shooting at East End church


by Gene Kang


Posted on September 6, 2012 at 11:26 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 15 at 2:01 AM

(WHAS11.com) ---- Mahmoud Hindi,55, is locked up behind bars, charged with murder, assault and seven counts of wanton endangerment.

"I locked all my doors and turned on the alarm," one neighbor said. "Oh I was scared to death."

Hindi is accused of shooting two people at a homeowner's association meeting last night at Springdale Community Church in the 4600 block of Springdale Road in the East End.

Dave Merritt, 73, was shot in the head. He was the president of the homeowner's association. Merritt was married for 50 years.

Another man suffered life-threatening injuries and is in the critical care unit at University Hospital.

A retired Louisville Metro officer happened to be there and somehow subdued Hindi.

Alicia Smiley with Louisville Metro Police says, "We could've had a much greater tragedy than what we did have. So yes the officer was very instrumental in bringing a stop to this."

We're told the meeting had a room full of people. Seven of them were near the victims according to police reports.

So what sparked the violence? Neighbors say there was an ongoing property dispute between Hindi over his fence, drive way and easement at the 8400 block of Running Spring Road which is just blocks away from the church.

"He built the fence on his own. He was asked to take it down or replace it. He put in a driveway that went nowhere," said another neighbor.

In fact, WHAS 11 uncovered City documents. In September 2011, the Department of Codes and Regulations says Hindi had a right of way obstruction with a driveway approach constructed without Public Works approval or permit.

Today, WHAS11 crews saw that part of the driveway was removed and replaced with grass. Hindi never appeared in court but violations were later dropped.

However, the homeowner's association had a problem with his fence because it was taller than the allowed four feet and violated land development codes.
WHAS 11 knocked on the front door of his house to speak to his family.

They asked WHAS 11 crews to please leave their property.

Hindi will face a judge in jail court Saturday morning.