Road crews prep the city anticipating another icy morning commute


Posted on January 28, 2010 at 12:54 AM

Updated Thursday, Jan 28 at 1:02 AM

School officials got ready and salt trucks hit the road Wednesday night in anticipation of Thursday’s weather.

Both city and state crews were out all day long putting brine down on the roads and continued to do that throughout the night to make sure as many roads are covered.

It's all in an effort to try and prevent the roads from freezing which could lead to a dangerous situation in the morning.

More than 2000 calls for help, hundreds of car, truck and bus accidents Tuesday morning, all because of the ice covered roads.
Bradley Meade called it, ‘terrible, terrible.  It was an ice skating rink basically.  There was no traction.  It was a nightmare."

Tim Emmington, Operations Manager for TRIMARC, got a good look at the damage caused by the slick roads and with a forecast similar to Tuesday’s he says, they're not taking any chances.

"We ensure that we're adequately staffed including our maintenance personnel can be ready to respond as fast as possible."

But it may not be fast enough for school children.

JCPS officials say they will monitor the situation carefully, and will make a decision whether to close school early in the morning.

With 14 bus incidents on January 7th and 10 more Tuesday,JCPS faced harsh criticism from parents for not taking a snow day as many watched as buses skidded, slid and in some cases, even crashed with kids on board.

But will those past problems factor into their decision for Thursday?

Rick Caple of JCPS Director of Transportation said, "I can't speak for the superintendent.  He'll have to monitor and see what we tell him and then it's always up to a district decision.  We're always concerned.  It's tough to make a call."

Drivers we spoke with say, they're simply going to make their own calls which for some, means not driving at all.

For those who are going to drive in icy conditions, remember to give yourself some extra time and take it slow.

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