Residents complain about Bardstown tap water taste, smell


by Brittany Gonzalez

Posted on October 2, 2012 at 6:00 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 2 at 10:11 PM

(WHAS) -- Residents in Bardstown, Kentucky, say their tap water has been nearly undrinkable for weeks.

“It's nasty. The odor is so strong you take a shower you're in and out the smell is so strong,” said Bardstown resident Donna Hamilton.

While the water doesn’t look dirty, residents say the taste is awful. According to the Water Plant Manager, Wayne Kendall, the hot summer caused an algae bloom in the city’s reservoir.

The Water Plant has aggressively treated the algae problem, but the strange water still remain in some parts of Bardstown.
“It’s hard to get out. You’re tasting and smelling this is parts per trillion so it’s very hard to get out of your water system once it’s in,” said Kendall.

The owner of Kurtz Restaurant says she started to let customers bring in their own bottled water, because the problem had become so bad.

“I bring bottled water for her bottle. I sure don’t want her drinking any of that,” said Kurtz customer Ann Ruth when asked about feeding her granddaughter.

Donna Hamilton says the bad water has started taking a financial toll on her family. “It’s been an expense. We’ve had to go out and purchase bottled water for cooking…even making your tea and brushing your teeth,” said Hamilton.

Kendall says even though the Water smells and tastes bad it is not dangerous to use.
He says the majority of residents should have their water completely back to normal soon.
He does ask anyone who has persistent issues to call his office at 502-348-3064.