City plans to try new tactic to battle winter storm


by Melanie Kahn

Posted on January 6, 2010 at 10:45 PM

Updated Thursday, Jan 7 at 12:52 AM

For the first time, the state is trying a new tactic when it comes to snow removal.

Road crews hit the streets Wednesday but the state is also looking to attack 3 problem areas with some extra trucks that have been freed up this year.

Most of the plans are the same, cover the roads in brine and plow when it starts to snow.

But this year, the city has taken over plowing some of the state roads which will free up three state trucks.  So, for the first time ever, those trucks will be plowing specific problem areas that officials hope will make Thursday morning's commute a smooth one.

It seems just about everyone is preparing for the winter blast.

Roads are covered in brine, TRIMARC is closely monitoring the highways, people are stocking up at grocery stores and hardware stores are packed all with people getting ready for the snow.

Both city and state road crews say, they're ready for the winter blast.  900 miles of roads in Jefferson County have already been covered in brine to help morning commuters and if necessary, state road crews plan to start plowing before dawn.

Andrea Clifford, Kentucky Department of Transportation, said, "Our crews have been getting our trucks ready making sure that all of their equipment is working properly. They're going to be coming in at midnight to start monitoring and patroling roadways."

That's with the help of TRIMARC workers who will be watching the roads and looking for accidents around the clock.

And for the first time three state trucks will assigned to specific problem areas: the intersections at I-71 and the Watterson, I-65 and the Watterson and I-65 and the Gene Snyder.

Jim Mallory, TRIMARC supervisor said, "The whole thing is slow down, increase your folling distance and tkae your time getting to where ever you're going."

But road crews aren't the only ones preparing for the winter weather.  Grocery stores are taking their own precautions as people start stocking up on food.

Phil Watson, Kroger Store Manager said, "We bring in extra staff, we bring in extra milk, bread, those staple items people are looking for and you get ready to do business and do the best we can."

Robin Schosser said, "I'd rather be ready and not have the snow than not be ready and have the snow."

Susan Cecil said, '"It was crazy. I came up here separate from my husband and he said be careful you could get killed in here."

And at hardware stores, it's just as busy with people getting last minute items to combat or play in the cold.

Rich Eilers said, "I've got a metal snow shovel, urban army candles and my grandson's sled and I'm outta here."

Again, these road crews will be monitoring the roads around the clock  and are loaded up and ready to go as soon as the snow starts falling.