Portland neighborhood anxious for arrests after string of murders


by Chase Cain


Posted on November 2, 2009 at 10:49 PM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 3 at 4:18 PM

(WHAS11) - Many in Louisville’s Portland neighborhood fear crime is getting worse.

In a week’s time, the area saw 3 murders, a home invasion, and a police involved shooting. Monday night, a big crowd gathered to find answers and to ask for help.

People there believe the worst of it started a couple of weeks ago on October 20th.

Police say two men gunned down Ricco Cunningham in an alley near 22nd Street. Then, last Wednesday, someone shot and killed two more men and still haven’t been caught.

Hundreds gathered last Wednesday in the strobe of police lights after officers discovered two young men murdered in their car, 21-year-old Brandon Borders and 17-year-old Timothy O'Connor, known as “Frogg.” Someone shot and killed the half-brothers.

Christopher 2X with Fight Crimes Against Children lead the candlelight vigil pointing out, "courageous men, women, babies, and children will come back in their friends honor."

Monday, they did. More than 100 gathered in candlelight to find answers for Bobby Lowe and his family.

"I just wish some people would come forward with information, anything about who did this to my brothers, my family," Bobby said.

So far no one has come forward because many believe fear in this neighborhood has lead to silence.

Bobby told WHAS11, "these streets down here? They're crazy. The West End is getting messed up anymore over drugs."

Christopher 2X urged the group to contact police if anyone knows who killed the brothers.

"You're going to look at those little boys in those caskets, and you are being put in a valley of decision. If I know what happened to them, if I know I might be the link that can get this family justice- you got to start a process," he said.

It's a process this group hopes can break a string of violence and murders causing so much pain.

"I miss them so much. My youngest brother he was 17-years-old. He didn't even get to be a man. He didn't get a chance to grow up and they took his life, killed my brother, my baby brother," Bobby said.

Two Louisville Metro homicide detectives also showed up to express how much they want to find who killed these men.

You can call the anonymous tipline at (502) 574-LMPD if you know anything about these murders.