Over $500,000 in stolen property found in warehouse


by Adrianna Hopkins


Posted on October 19, 2010 at 5:17 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 19 at 11:57 PM

Louisville, Ky. (WHAS11) - More than half a million dollars in stolen property was found at a Louisville warehouse. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is calling it a major bust. That warehouse is located south of 7th and Hill streets, off of Mix Ave.

"We're still looking, I'm sure there's stuff we've overlooked,” said Dale Clover.

Dale Clover is sifting through a warehouse full of stolen items: Lighting fixtures, appliances, granite countertops, wood flooring, tiles, cabinets, and what he's interested in, motorcycles.

"The black one that I put in was my personal bike. The white I had built and delivered. It cost $70,000,” said Clover.

Dale Clover, owner of a motorcycle shop, stands to recoup $250,000 from this stolen property bust. He says back on July 4 someone broke into his shop and stole his bikes, his customer's bikes and some of his tools and equipment. He has a good idea who's the thief is.

"It's some people who've been in the shop before,” said Clover. "They took the meter out of the back of the building. They cut the wires to the alarm system. It was pretty professional. They twisted the commercial lock on the door. The computer was bashed out."

Jefferson County Sheriff's deputies have watched this warehouse for several weeks. Last night, deputies saw several people coming and going and questioned them. They're now people of interest. Deputies executed search warrants and found all of the merchandise inside.

"It's safe to say there's over $500,000 or more. We don't have an actual figure on that,” said Lt. Col. Carl Yates, with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department. "Our goal is to get it back to rightful owner and prosecute the ones who took it."

Dale Clover says he's glad have his property back.
"I thought they were probably completely dismantled them and they were out of country."

Authorities aren’t releasing the name of the person who owns the warehouse containing the stolen items.