Officer hit by fellow officer’s patrol car while chasing shoplifter


Posted on January 3, 2013 at 1:24 PM

Updated Thursday, Jan 3 at 7:41 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A West Buechel police officer was hit by the car of another officer while both men were chasing a suspected shoplifter.

 It happened at the Bashford Manor Wal-Mart Wednesday night.

Luckily the officer was not seriously injured, but the incident serves as a reminder of just how quickly what started off as a minor incident can escalate into major trouble.

Blue lights lit up the parking lot as a police officer that was pursuing a suspected shoplifter was hit by a patrol car.

Lt. Brian Tillman was hit after police say 30-year-old Dannie Jackson ran from him after allegedly stealing underwear and sweatshirts.

The officer who struck Tillman had swerved to avoid striking Jackson, who police say was running in and out of traffic.

Tillman was taken to University Hospital, where it was determined there were no broken bones.

“You don't want to see anybody get hurt, but in the process of doing this job, sometimes it happens. It's just part of doing the job,” West Buechel Police Chief Jeffrey Manning said.

Police say Jackson ran and dove into a nearby dumpster.

He allegedly fought with police when they pulled him out to place him under arrest.

Jackson also gave officers a false name and address.

We went to that house on Thursday, where we encountered the girlfriend of the man whose name was on the arrest report.

“He didn't get arrested, definitely not him,” she told us when we showed her the arrest citation.

The jail was able to determine Jackson's actual identity after he was booked under the alias.

It should have come as no surprise, since Jackson has been arrested for fleeing police and giving officers a false name in the past.

He was also wanted on felony warrants Wednesday night.

“Even though it might appear to be a small crime whenever you start, you never knew what it's going to turn into. They're not running away from us for no reason,” Manning said.

The police chief is now reviewing video surveillance footage to make sure all policies were followed.

Jackson is charged with robbery, assault on an officer, and 12 other charges in connection with Wednesday night's incident.

We tried to talk to him about the incident, but he refused our request for an interview.